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Family Seiwald

Hosts with charm & tradition

The Seiwald family has created a unique hotel for their guests. The family’s honest and authentic hospitality permeates the hotel, which is lovingly managed by this third generation. Always at your side without being intrusive, with an open ear for their guests and attention to detail – hospitality is in the Seiwald family’s genes. They have catered to guests vacationing in Kirchdorf with attentive gestures, special touches and Tyrolean hospitality.

Cordial Service - Genuine hospitality

Our staff treats you with warm hospitality and highly attentive service, tending to your every wish.The sophisticated, yet easygoing at-home atmosphere makes you feel welcome and comfortable

Hospitality by tradition

Originally at this place was a barn with stables of the farm Oberhabach. Already in the year 1400 mentioned as "Heubach". 1470 was the coat of arm awarded. The name Seybold at the farm is already mentioned in 1605. Since 1778 the family Seiwald is at the Oberhabachhof.

In the Summers of the inter war period Barbara Seiwald started to rent accommodation, while the 11 children kept the cattle on the pasture. After the World War II it became popular to go on summer vacation. Coming from the humble origins, tourism was the chance of life. The Family Seiwald seized the opportunity with great enthusiasm, diligence and iron will.

1954 the guest house Pension Seiwald was built yet 15 Rooms with private facilities. As an annexe building to the Oberhabachhof. The license of selling alcohol was granted later. To boost winter tourism, the first ski lift in Kirchdorf was constructed by the Seiwald family and ski tuition offered. In 1962 the coal cellar turned into the cellar bar and became a hotspot in après ski and nightlife of the region. 1960-1965 the sons of Barbara Seiwald built 3 other guest houses in town: Auenhof, Kirchdorfer Hof and Kalkstein. The Oberhabachhof has been renovated. Later in the 1980s, the Hotel Alphof was constructed.

After Stays abroad In 1966 Ernst Seiwald took over the guest house Pension Seiwald and extended it . With new kitchen, front desk and doubled the room capacities to 30 rooms the year after, tourism flourished. 3 Skiifts were constructed and technical grooming started. More and more guests came and appreciated the family atmosphere. Precisely because of the fine cuisine of Mrs. Annemarie Seiwald the guest house was very popular. The business developed very well and sometimes Ernst had to accommodate the guests at nearby hosts. However, they could be catered at the Seiwald guesthouse.

With some local spirits and smaller sized model, the community representatives got convinced by something big. In 1977, the guest house was teared down, new constructed with 4 floors and the roof turned to the west. The Hotel Seiwald has a total of 48 rooms, a restaurant, a bar, a kitchen extension, a lift, and a reception. Now it was the largest building in town. In 1981, land was purchased and the chalet Seiwald built, a staff house constructed, and attic rooms in the hotel rooms .

At an early stage, Ernst Seiwald recognized the signs of the times and expanded the hotel in 1986 to include one of the most modern indoor pools in Tyrol. Only later wellness and Spa got a term for the holistic well-being, what since then lived by family Seiwald. More and more guests vacationed in Kirchdorf in Tyrol and at the Hotel Seiwald. The Chalet Habach was purchased and equipped with spacious apartments. Up to the turn of the century, the range of services has been steadily improved: renovations in the restaurant, a buffet, new bar, energy management, safety facilities, fire alarm system, kitchen and rooms were renovated.

In 1996, land was bought again and then the underground parking garage was built. In 2000, the sports complex was opened with indoor tennis court, outdoor court, fitness area, lounge and games rooms. The big children's playground handed over its purpose and snowmakers were bought.

After a sudden death of Ernst Seiwald in 2004 Reinhard  and his wife Kristina took over the management of the company. The range of services was constantly improved, the swimming pool technology renewed, the ventilation replaced and a combined heat and energy units installed. The community and tourist board Kirchdorf replaced all lifts with a new 4-seat chairlift and snowmaking system.

2010 was a decisive year, it was time again for something big. in just 8 weeks. Lounge with bar, new buffet, comfort rooms and suites were created the entire facade designed, reopened with a new concept and a new name. The range of services has been continually improved. Rooms renovated and Ventilation systems replaced. In 2017, Michael Seiwald took over the sports complex and installed Murmi's Kinderland Indoor Play hall.

The pioneering spirit, deep roots in the region, strong family-relationship characterises the whole family Seiwald. The Seiwald known as "Habacher” are a values-driven family and sharing a common appreciation and respect for the pristine environment in which we live in.

Far from its origins, the philosophy of the house is still rooted in the good old traditions. Cosiness, comfort and the unmistakable charm of the family spirit make every stay at the Seiwald to an unforgettable experience.